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Exios Barrier Glands For Hazardous duty Locations

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Liquid Tight Cable Glands
Liquid Tight Cable Glands

UL 2225 / UL 514B / CSA 22.2, Class I; Div 1; Groups C, D, Class II; Div1; Groups E, F, G, Class III, Class I; Div2; Groups C, D, Class II; Div2; Groups E, F, G, Class III, Class I; Zone 1; AEx d IIB

Part Number Gland Size Thread Size Detailed Info

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EXIOS - High End Cable Glands for Armored Cables

YU20MK-B1 20 - 1 M20 x 1.5 More Information
YU20MM-B1 20 - 2 M20 x 1.5 More Information
YU20ML-B1 20 - 3 M20 x 1.5 More Information
YU25MK-B1 20 - 3 M25 x 1.5 More Information
YU25MM-B1 25 M25 x 1.5 More Information
YU32MK-B1 32 M32 x 1.5 More Information
YU40MK-B1 40 M40 x 1.5 More Information
YU50MK-B1 50 M50 x 1.5 More Information
YU63MK-B1 63 M63 x 1.5 More Information
YU75MK-B1 75 M75 x 1.5 More Information
Materials Part Number Key ( Last 2 letters) xxxxx-BB = Raw Brass
xxxxx-BR = Nickel Plated Brass
xxxxx-B1 = Brass Gland with Nickel Plated Thread.
xxxxx-SS = Stainless Steel 316
Hi-Tech Controls, Inc. is your one stop source for European & Domestic wire and cable requiring RoHS, UL, CSA, Harmonized and CE approvals. Supplier of Hensel Enclosures and a large selection of camozzi Pneumatic Components.
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