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Exios Barrier Glands For Hazardous duty Locations

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Liquid Tight Cable Gland FittingsLiquid Tight Cable Gland Fittings for Hazardous AreasM16, M23, M27, M40 Circular ConnectorsEnclosures (Plastic & Metal)Enclosures (Plastic & Metal)AccessoriesLiquid Tight Cable Gland Fittings for Hazardous Areas
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Liquid Tight Cable Glands
Liquid Tight Cable Glands
EXIOS Cable Gland for Hazardous Areas
Cable sealing fittings, for use with non-armored braided marine shipboard cable with manufacturer's sealing compound. Hazardous areas UL Class 1 & 2, Div 1 rated Armored Cable Glands Gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC-Apparatus Group III. Equipment Protection Level GbDa.
Armored UL Cables Glands - UL Class 1 & 2, Div 1 rated Armored Cable Glands
Hazardous Locations / Explosion Proof Liquid Tight Cable Gland EMI / RFI Dome Cable Gland Fittings
+ barrier UL Brass
NPT / Metric
Hazardous Locations / Explosion Proof Liquid Tight Cable Gland EMI / RFI Dome Cable Gland Fittings
+ barrier UL Nickel Plated Brass
NPT / Metric
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Not sure what thread type might be the right one for your application?
See our Technical Information Page for thread type specifications.

The EXIOS Barrier UL Cable Gland has all the outstanding EXIOS features, but uses a compound barrier to make it flameproof. Whenever installation requires a barrier gland ( IEC 60079-14 / 10.4.2), EXIOS Barrier is your solution. Temperature Range: - 25°C to 85°C (- 13°F to 185°F)

UL 2225 / UL 514B / CSA 22.2, Class I; Div 1; Groups C, D, Class II; Div1; Groups E, F, G, Class III, Class I; Div2; Groups C, D, Class II; Div2; Groups E, F, G, Class III, Class I; Zone 1; AEx d IIB

Hi-Tech Controls, Inc.provides cable products at competitive prices with exemplary customer service. Inventory in Excess of $25 Million allows the immediate shipment of almost all standard cable types and sizes.
Cables, Wires & Accessories: Domestic & ImportedCables, Wires & Accessories: Domestic & Imported
Importer of HELUKABEL®. Approvals: RoHS, UL, CSA, Harmonized & CE. We offer cables for Power, Control, High/Low Temp., Hi-Flex, Robotic, Track, Servo, VFD, Composite, Ribbon, Data(CAT), Single Conductor, etc!
Plastic Enclosures: Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4xPlastic Enclosures: Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4x
Exclusive importer of HENSEL ENCLOSURES. Industrial Strength, UV & Impact Resistant, Modular Expandable.
Materials: Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Powder-coated Steel
Types: Gray or Transparent Lids, available with Hinges & Latches, Opaque/ Transparent covers, Plain Walls or Knockouts, Hazardous Location, Fire Proof / Functional Integrity, Offshore Applications
Accessories: DIN rails, Mounting plates, Terminal blocks, Hole plugs, etc.
Pneumatic ComponentsPneumatic Components: Fittings, Tubing, Valves & Gauges
Fittings: Nickel Plated Brass, Composite, Brass & Compression Fittings, the patented & longstanding Pro-Fit® system, High Pressure Dual Seal fittings, etc.
Valves: Flow Control, Manual, Air Piloted, Solenoid, Brass
We also offer Tubing, FRL Units (Filters, Regulators & Lubricators), Gauges, Timers and Relays.
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