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Cable Gland Fittings For Increased Safety Locations

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Cable Gland / Cord Grips / Cable Glands for use in Hazardous Locations
Nylon w/ High Performance Clamp -
M20 x 1.5 Thread

Nylon Fitting with Clamp Nylon-clamp
Standard Cable Range: .24" - .47" (6 - 12 mm)
Part Number

Hummel HSK-K-MZ-Ex Reference
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Hole O.D. (A) .79" (20 mm)
Body Length (B) 1.40" (35.5 mm)
Thread Length (D) .59" (15 mm)
Wrench Flat (F1/F) .94" (24 mm)
Cable Gland - Suggested Clearance Hole for Non-Threaded Mounting
Suggested Clearance
Hole for Non-
Threaded Mounting
Technical Drawing
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M20 Standard Nickel Clamp Fittings
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Accessories: Nylon Locknuts
M20 x 1.5 Threads

Black Nylon Locking Nut Gray Nylon Locking Nut
Part Number

Hummel GM-FS Reference
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Height (G) .24" (6 mm) .24" (6 mm)
Wrench Flat (H) 1.06" (27 mm) 1.06" (27 mm)
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Accessories: Buna-N O-Ring
M20 x 1.5 Threads

Buna-N O-Ring
Part Number

Hummel O-Ring Reference
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Height (E) .07" (1.8 mm)
Inner Diameter (D) .67" (17 mm)
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Liquid Tight Cable Gland - Dome Fitting - Technical Drawing
This Nylon Cable Gland will provide your application with a product made of exceptional quality.

The self locking ACME thread on the dome top ensures that the overlapping splines apply a concentric seal, thereby preventing the form seal from being pulled out of the fitting & ensuring pull-out protection of your cable without damaging it.

Cable Gland Fittings in all popular thread types and sizes for standard applications in hazardous locations according to EN60079-0 & EN60079-7:

  • International Approvals - ATEX/IECEx, UR, CE, CSA, Gost and German Lloyd!
  • NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 67 & 68) - Liquid Tight - Submersible to 300 ft!
  • IP 69K rated - Ideal in splash or hose down applications!
  • (10 BAR) rating - Highest in Industry!
  • V0 flame rating according to UL 94 – Halogen & Phosphorous Free – non toxic!
  • UL f1 (746C) UV/Ozone stable Black Nylon – Ideal Outdoors (RTU/SCADA)!
  • Concentric O-Ring Groove – for some NEMA applications!
  • Safety Ratchet - Preventing Dome/Flex top from coming loose under vibration!
  • Large selection in Black, Gray & Blue (IS)- Cable Range from .08" (2 mm) to 1.73" (44 mm)
  • Non-Corrosive - Resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal & vegetable oil
  • Durable - Rugged Construction!
  • RoHS & Deca BDE- Environmentally Compliant to the newest standards!

and in all installations where excellent performance, fire resistance and no twisting or torquing of the cable are critical.

  • ATEX 95 equipment directive 94/9/EC, Equipment and protective systems intended
    for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • ATEX gets its name from the French title of the 94/9/EC directive:
    Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles
  • The regulations apply to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres,
    electrical or mechanical, including protective systems. There are two categories of
    equipment I for coal mining and II for industrial applications.
  • Once certified, the equipment is marked by the ‘CE’ (meaning it complies with ATEX
    and all other relevant directives) and ‘Ex’ symbol to identify it as approved under the
    ATEX directive.
  • Ex-d = Flameproof
  • Ex-e = Increased Safety
Pressure Rating:
EEx e, ATEX, CE & German Lloyd Approvals

    UL/UR E103997
    CSA 074032
    CAGE 0UE11
    PATENT 4145075

RoHS & Deca BDE
150 PSIG (10 BAR) NEMA 4x & 6 (Submersible) - IP 68 / IP 69 K
  • Fittings: Nylon
  • Clamping Screws: Anodized Aluminum
  • Seal: Buna-N
  • O-Ring: Buna-N (Viton® or Silicone optional)
  • Optional Seal Ring: Polyethylene or Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
Operating Temperature:
- 20°C to 70°C (- 4°F to 158°F)
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Hi-Tech Controls, Inc. is your one stop source for European & Domestic wire and cable requiring RoHS, UL, CSA, Harmonized and CE approvals. Supplier of Hensel Enclosures and a large selection of camozzi Pneumatic Components.
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