EXIOS + Barrier Hazloc Cable Gland NPT Thread

Rated Clacc 4418 85, Class 1, Zone 1, Ex de IIC Gb/ Zone 20, Ex ta IIIC, T85°C: Da. cUS Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D Class 2 Div 1 or 2, Groups E, F & G Mining Rating.

Materials Alternative Part Number Key (Last 2 letters)
Parts listed below are Raw Brass, as indicated by the part number ending BB. For Nickel Plated Brass, order part number ending BR. For (316L) Stainless Steel, order part number ending SS. For Nickel Plated Brass Threads with Brass Body, order part number ending B1

Part Number Material Thread Type GlandSize Image
YP09NK-BB Raw Brass 3/8" NPT 20-1
YP13NL-BB Raw Brass 1/2"NPT 20-3
YP13NM-BB Raw Brass 1/2"NPT 20-2
YP21NK-BB Raw Brass 3/4"NPT 25
YP29LK-BB Raw Brass 1"NPT 40
YP29NK-BB Raw Brass 1-1/4"NPT 32
YP30NK-BB Raw Brass 2-1/2"NPT 75
YP36NK-BB Raw Brass 3"NPT 40
YP50NK-BB Raw Brass 1-1/2"NPT 50
YP52NK-BB Raw Brass 2"NPT 63