Ex-e PG 21 Nickel Plated Brass EMI/RFI Feed Through Braided Shield Dome Cable Gland | Cord Grip | Strain Relief CD21AA-FX


Low Temp Nickel Plated Brass PG PG 21 EMI/RFI Fitting

Thread Range: PG 21

Locking Nut Separately

Sealcon # CD21AA-FX
Type .51" - .71" (13 - 18 mm)
Hummel # 1.636.2100.01
Hummel HSK-M-EMV-D-Ex
Material Nickel Plated Brass

Hole Diameter (A)
1.1" (28 mm)
Body Length (B)
1.5" (38 mm)
Thread Length (D)
.28" (7 mm)
Wrench Flat (F1/F)
1.18" (30 mm)

Suggested Clearance Hole for Non-Threaded Mounting


Cable glands of the HSK-EMC-Ex- series have been designed for standard applications in hazardous locations type "e" according to EN 60079-0 and 60079-7
  • Machine, apparatus and plant equipment
  • Measuring control and feedback systems
  • Control cabinets
  • Railroad cars and vehicles
  • Industrial installations
  • Marine
  • Off-shore
and in all installations where excellent performance, fire resistance and no twisting or torquing of the cable are critical.

Technical Data

Operating Temperature

-60°C to 95°C (-76°F to 203°F)


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