Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Gland MZ Clamp NPT Section

The benefit of the High Performance w/ Clamp Strain Relief / Cable Gland / Cord Grip is the security that you know that the cable is not getting pulled out of place as well as the ability to pass through a thick walls or if the application just needs the extra thread length.

Clamp Fittings
Nickel Inches (mm)
Part Numbers Cable Range Thread Range
CD09NA-EZ-V .16" - .31" (4 - 8 mm) 3/8"NPT
CD13NA-EZ-V .28" - .47" (7 - 12 mm) 1/2"NPT
CD21NA-EZ-V .51" - .71" (13 - 18 mm) 3/4"NPT