PG to PG Thread Reducer | Hazardous | Nickel Plated Brass

Thread Reducers in PG to PG Threads made of Nickel Plated Brass for hazardous areas. Our Reducers either come with a Buna-N O-Ring with an Operating Temperature -20°C to 95°C (-4°F to 203°F) or a Silicone O-Ring with an Operating Temperature -60°C to 180°C (-76°F to 356°F) and will solve that off by a size threading problem.

Part Numbers
w/ Silicone O-Ring
(-76°F to 356°F)
Part Numbers
w/ Buna-N O-Ring
(-4°F to 203°F)
RQ-0907-MX-S RQ-0907-MX PG 9 PG 7
RQ-1107-MX-S RQ-1107-MX PG 11 PG 7
RQ-1109-MX-S RQ-1109-MX PG 11 PG 9
RQ-1309-MX-S RQ-1309-MX PG 13 PG 9
RQ-1311-MX-S RQ-1311-MX PG 13 PG 11
RQ-1609-MX-S RQ-1609-MX PG 16 PG 9
RQ-1611-MX-S RQ-1611-MX PG 16 PG 11
RQ-1613-MX-S RQ-1613-MX PG 16 PG 13
RQ-2111-MX-S RQ-2111-MX PG 21 PG 11
RQ-2113-MX-S RQ-2113-MX PG 21 PG 13
RQ-2116-MX-S RQ-2116-MX PG 21 PG 16
RQ-2916-MX-S RQ-2916-MX PG 29 PG 16
RQ-2921-MX-S RQ-2921-MX PG 29 PG 21
RQ-3621-MX-S RQ-3621-MX PG 36 PG 21
RQ-3629-MX-S RQ-3629-MX PG 36 PG 29
RQ-4229-MX-S RQ-4229-MX PG 42 PG 29
RQ-4236-MX-S RQ-4236-MX PG 42 PG 36
RQ-4836-MX-S RQ-4836-MX PG 48 PG 36
RQ-4842-MX-S RQ-4842-MX PG 48 PG 42